Studio huren: niet meer beschikbaar Hasebroekstraat in Utrecht

  • 25 m2
  • 1 kamer
  • 01 Per direct
  • Onbepaalde tijd
Op deze pagina vind je alle informatie over deze Studio in Utrecht. Als je vragen hebt kun je contact opnemen met de aanbieder.

The studio is fully furnished and has all the equipment needed to get comfy such as desk, bed & wardrobe. The studio has a bright color and brand-new equipment ready for your arrival.
You will have a delightful opportunity to have your private kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

We will also provide you with all the facilities necessary, from towels and beddings to the entire kitchen equipment, so that you are able to directly move into your new home and without bringing anything else than yourself.


Hasebroekstraat is only 14-minute walking and 6 minutes biking from Utrecht central.


The rental price for the room is €1000 including all the facilities.
Furthermore, the advance service costs for gas, water, electricity, internet and frequently cleaning (if applicable) will also be included to the rent. This lead to a total monthly rental of €1000.
If you do not excessively use the utilities, then you will not have to pay extra. However, if the consumption of the utilities exceeds the utility costs, then you will be responsible for the additional fees.

The payment that is labelled as the ‘First month's rent’ will be regarded as the rental payment for your first full month of stay, as this amount is based on the duration of stay of one full per calendar month.

Check in/out date: as stated in the tenancy agreement, the rental period officially starts on the 1st day of the month or halfway through the month. This means that if you, for example, if you wish to book an accommodation from February 3rd onwards, your tenancy agreement will officially start on February 1st.

After the booking an additional payment request will be sent for the one-time administration fee of 299 euros.

DISCOUNT OFFER: If you are staying for five months or more and are planning to pay everything up front, then you will receive a discount on your rent; a 3% discount for 6 months and a 5% discount for 1 year! The offer is valid at a minimum of 5 months. Please inform us if you are interested in this offer and let us know the amount of months you are paying in advance, as this will save you hundreds of euros! Also, you do not have to pay the full amount until you have received your house keys.

If you would like to live in Utrecht along with other internationals and you just want to pack your essentials in order to instantly move into your new accommodation, well then this is your place to be! Please note that despite all photos being of the actual apartment you will be booking, the content of this advertisement may deviate slightly from reality in regards to decoration, as work progresses. The actual size of the apartment may differ from the floor-plan, as this is given as an indication.

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Algemene informatie

Stad Utrecht
Wijk/buurt: Nieuw Engeland, Th. a. Kempisplantsoen en omgevin
Inschrijven gemeente: Ja
Opleverniveau: Kaal
Huisgenoten: Geen
Bezichtiging In overleg
Tonen op kaart

Nieuw Engeland, Th. a. Kempisplantsoen en omgevin, Utrecht

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